Microbiological Testing Services

Microbial analysis is an important part in consumable items to be tested in laboratory. The microorganisms are organism not seen by naked eyes , their presence in consumable items needs to be detected so that human health can be protected.

Following are the range of Microbiological Testing in our laboratory

Basic Microbiological Analysis:
Detection of Pathogens
Enumeration of Spoilage Micro-Flora:Test Parameters
Bacterial Enterotoxins
Sterility Testing
Monitoring Indoor Air

In addition to acceptance tests for the installation of clean rooms in production facilities, routine monitoring also plays a vital role. These measurements help monitor clean rooms as well as production facilities during operation. ATRL offers a broad range of monitoring services for clean rooms, and can also provide customized hygiene-monitoring programs catering to your needs.
Services Include
• Checking personal hygiene, determination of microbiological exposure on clothes and hands of production personnel
• Testing the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection measures during operation and at the end of production
• Microbiological tests on individual process media (air, water, technical gases)
• Determination of bacterial count in the air under all operating conditions
• Testing surfaces, consumables and primary packaging
• Cleaning validation

Preservative Efficacy
Disinfection Efficacy

In order to ensure right quality of Microbiological testing, following are the parameters testing facility available in laboratory

Yeast and Mould
Total Bacterial Count/Total Plate count
Escherichia coli
Vibrio cholera
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Pathogenic streptococci
Staphylococcus aureus
Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Total and Faecal Coliform
Clostridium perfringens
Bacillus cereus
Listeria monocytogenes
Standard plate count
Coliform Faecal ciliform
Psychrophilic and Thermophilic count
Aerobic and Anaerobic spore formers
Anaobic and Anaerobic count
Anaerobic Bacteria
Sulphite Reducing Bacteria
Yeast and moulds
Heat Resistant Mould
Proteolytic and lipolytic bacteria

Quality Norms and Protocols followed for Analysis
»Bureau of Indian Standards
» Fssai Specification
» American Public Health Association
» In-house validated methods and procedures
» Party’s specifications