Fabric/Textile Testing

Textile testing is widely done to check the quality of raw materials as well as the finished prooducts. It provides information about the physical or structural properties and the performance properties of the fabrics.The fabric can be woven or knitted or knit fabric, solid color dyed, printed, check, or stripe that is finished fabric. There are different types of fabric tests have done by using different fabric testing machines. In our lab we have facility avaliable to perform test on woven, non-woven, knitted, cotton, etc. many different types of fabrics. List of some of the tests we perform is mentioned below:

Mechanical Tests

1. Tensile Strength

2. Abrasion Test

3. Strength of Fabric

4. Tear Strength

5. Seam Strength

6. Water Resistance

7. Appearance after treatments

8. Dimensional Stability

9. Dimensions

10.Colour Fastness.... and many more

Biological Tests

1. Antiviral property of fabric

2. Antibacterial Property of Fabric

3. Antifungal Property of Fabric

Quality Norms and Protocols followed for Analysis

» Bureau of Indian Standards

» American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

» Assosiation of Official Analytical Collaboration (AOAC)

» Internatioanl Organization for Standardization (ISO)

» In-house validated methods and procedures

» Party’s specifications