Testing Services

Food Testing Services
Food is an essential part of human life. The quality of food impacts health and well being of mankind. Growing awareness of toxic contaminants in food and their health impact has necessitated sophisticated analysis of food & food products.

Environmental Testing services
With the continuous decrease in quality of environment, it has become essential to keep on monitoring the environment of the sake of health of people. Another requirement of environmental monitoring is to ensure the conformity with various regulations set by the Regulatory Bodies.
The main objective of the Environment laboratory is to provide reliable and efficient analysis of various environmental components which include air, water, wastewater, noise, soil, sludge & solid waste etc.

Water Testing Services
“Water is life”. Good quality drinking water is still a distant dream for most of the population. Hence assessing the water quality for human consumption and recreational purposes is of utmost importance.
The deterioration in water quality is the major cause of several deadly diseases. The toxic waste from industries is discharged into water bodies which seriously affects the aquatic ecosystem.

Waste Water Testing Services
Like water is important component for human body similarly waste water analysis is also very important for industries, especially manufacturing units. The pollutants discharged from industries contains many hazardous wastes. It needs to be analyzed so that control can be made.

Microbiological Testing Services
Microbial analysis is an important part in consumable items to be tested in laboratory. The microorganisms are organism not seen by naked eyes , their presence in consumable items needs to be detected so that human health can be protected.

Soil Testing Services
Soil contains micro nutrients which are necessary for plants growth which in turn effects human health. Crops, fruits etc produced by plants are consumed by human beings. Soil testing involves agricultural soil analysis as well as construction soil analysis.